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Spes Medica products in Turkey with ASD Medikal

Nerveäna®,It is the neurosurgeon of the surgeon arising from the cooperation between Neurovision Medical and Spes Medica. This device allows to stimulate tissues during dissections and also to record Electromyographic activity in a channel. When an evoked EMG is identified with the aid of a probe tool, the equipment generates an audible alarm that allows the surgeon to observe the surgical site. Nerveäna® significantly reduces risk by locating the nerve to improve patient safety and reduce surgeon stress during difficult dissections.
It is designed for use during thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy and neck dissection operations and is supplied with a warning cable, recording cable, and power supply. The software provides waveform monitoring, threshold alarm setting, and recording of the entire “skin-to-skin” surgical procedure. EMGView® is specifically designed for use with the Nerveäna® nerve finder and monitor and provides an additional level of knowledge of the Nerveäna® system and its unique ability to document intraoperative neuron control. Special software must be installed on a computer and run under MS WINDOWS before it can be used.
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Grenada products in Turkey with ASD Medikal

OMNIFinger ™ - Forced ligations are a thing of the past. Jaws activated by the forearm for better stability washing port makes it easy to clean ...

Hemocer products in Turkey with ASD Medikal

The HaemoCer ™ FlexApplicator is an accessory for our HaemoCer ™ powder product range with a standard applicator and can be easily installed. Due to its integrated wire, the HaemoCer ™ FlexApplicator can bend in different directions and is still dimensionally stable.